If you love bass fishing, can help us spread the word about our products, and want to represent, don't miss out on this opportunity to join our team by applying today!

This opportunity for Pro Staff is available for tournament anglers at all levels that understand that there is a lot more to a Pro Staff position than just sporting a logo. If you're confident in your abilities to help us promote, then fill out an application.

We are changing the requirements to becoming a member of our talented team.

"PRO" Staff

1. MUST be 18 yrs. old

2. Must fish in a regulated series:

ALL FLW and BASS series qualify
Many local and regional events are covered. E-Mail us if you have any questions.

3. Ability to communicate, and work with local stores, anglers and clubs in promoting our products.

4. MUST have an active social media presence.

"PRO" Staff/Sales

Same as above . This position will also involve sales to local stores.

Only 1 "PRO" Staff position per lake/river will be granted.

You will be required to work with, and be able to visit local stores.

We will provide you with a sample sales kit, 4-6 lures, brochures and any other

material needed to make a sale, and maintain the location .

This is a commission based position. Commission will be given for

initial store sale, and, on ALL subsequent lure sales.

This is also a cash commission, payed every quarter.

We will have a NEW application up soon. Till then, just send an email to: